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Home to the country's first university and first public secondary school, Massachusetts has set standards for U.S. education for hundreds of years. Nicknamed the Bay State for its many waterways, Massachusetts features beautiful landscapes and historic cities. Students in Massachusetts can access cybersecurity higher education offerings at all levels.

Earning a cybersecurity degree can open doors to high-paying careers. CompTIA notes that the median salary for Massachusetts tech professionals exceeded the state median salary by 72% as of 2021.

According to CompTIA, Massachusetts boasts one of the nation's highest concentrations of tech careers. About 12% of the state's workforce is in tech.

Students considering cybersecurity colleges in New England can find many degree programs in Massachusetts. Keep reading to learn about cybersecurity schools in Massachusetts and discover career opportunities for graduates.

Massachusetts at a Glance




Average Annual Temperature: 47.9 ℉

Annual Precipitation: 47.7 inches

Major Sports Teams

Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins

Per Capita Income


Fortune 500 Companies


% of Workforce in Tech


Economic Impact of Tech Industry

$97 billion

Number of Higher Learning Institutions


Sources: World Population Review , Current Results , Department of Numbers , Fortune , Cyberstates™ , NCES

Are 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Schools in Massachusetts the Best Choice?

Massachusetts hosts over 100 higher learning institutions. Schools located around the state offer both rural and urban campuses, plus fully online programs.

The state's 30 public schools include community colleges and four-year universities. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE) highlights efforts to increase accessibility, affordability, and equity in higher education.

According to the Massachusetts DHE , 160,595 undergraduates enrolled in the Massachusetts public higher education system in fall 2020. In 2021, students across the system earned more than 10,000 degrees and certificates.

The Massachusetts state university system boasted a 61.3% six-year graduation rate and a 75.1% first-year retention rate as of 2020.

Massachusetts residents can access state-based financial aid programs. State aid resources include grants for foster children, the MASSGrant program, and need-based tuition waivers. The state's Commonwealth Commitment increased state financial aid funding. This program allows students to complete a four-year degree at state schools for about $30,000 before financial aid.

Graduates can take advantage of Massachusetts' high concentration of tech-related jobs. The Boston area alone hosts more than 250 information technology companies.

Education Statistics for Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to 88 public and private four-year colleges, plus 19 two-year colleges, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. The state's community colleges serve over 136,000 students .

Education appropriations and tax allocations per student in Massachusetts compare closely to national averages. Just over 75% of students in the state enroll in all or some distance learning courses, slightly more than the national average.

Higher Education Statistics Florida Data National Data

Four-Year Colleges



Two-Year Colleges



Students Enrolled in Distance Education



Postsecondary Education Appropriations per Full-Time Student



Tax Revenue Per Full-Time Student Allocated to Higher Education



Adults Over 25 With an Associate Degree



Adults Over 25 With a Bachelor's Degree



Adults Over 25 With a Graduate Degree or Higher



Sources: NCES , SHEEO , U.S. Census ACS

Accreditation for Massachusetts Schools

Prospective cybersecurity students must consider various factors when selecting a school. Choosing an accredited institution should be a top priority.

Accredited schools must meet quality standards set by independent agencies. Schools may hold regional or national accreditation.

Credits from regionally accredited schools transfer to other institutions more easily than credits from nationally accredited institutions. Licenses and certifications in many industries require a degree from a regionally accredited institution.

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) is the regional accrediting body for higher learning institutions in Massachusetts. Students can use the NECHE website to find accredited schools.

Top Online Programs

Explore programs of your interests with the high-quality standards and flexibility you need to take your career to the next level.

Considerations for a 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Degree in Massachusetts

Various factors affect each student's college and program selection process. The data below can help students decide whether earning a cybersecurity degree in Massachusetts is right for them.

Students in Massachusetts can choose from online and on-campus programs. They can choose from a variety of financial aid options. However, Massachusetts' cost of living exceeds the national average. Students should weigh those costs against tuition rates.

On-Campus Versus Online 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Degree Programs

Prospective students can pursue on-campus, hybrid or online cybersecurity degrees in Massachusetts. Each learning format holds its own pros and cons. Explore these options in the sections below.

On-Campus Programs

On-campus colleges in Massachusetts offer a traditional campus experience. In-person classes at set times create structure for students who need it. Spending time on campus can promote a sense of community and provide opportunities for campus-based activities. This option may best serve full-time learners with limited obligations outside of schoolwork.

Online Programs

Flexible online programs can help students earn their degrees without disrupting their everyday lives. Online programs can follow synchronous or asynchronous formats. Students must manage their time well to succeed.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid cybersecurity programs in Massachusetts feature both online and on-campus coursework. On-campus requirements may include short residencies each semester, or certain days each week or month. Hybrid programs may best suit students who need the flexibility of online learning but still want to take advantage of on-campus resources.

Explore Rankings for Top 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Programs Online and In Person

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Best 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Certificate Programs

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Best Bachelor's in 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Programs

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Best Master’s in 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Degree Programs

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Top Doctoral Degree Programs in 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台

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HBCUs With the Best 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Programs

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Paying for Your 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Degree

Massachusetts students can use various methods to pay for their cybersecurity degree. Tuition rates at both public and private institutions in Massachusetts exceed national averages. Fortunately, the state continues to develop programs to make college in Massachusetts more affordable and accessible.

State residents can take advantage of state-based grants, scholarships, and tuition waivers. These programs include need- and merit-based awards for students at all levels. Degree-seekers can also use student loans to fund their education. Unlike grants and scholarships, however, loans require repayment upon graduation.

In-State Versus Out-of-State Tuition

State schools often charge a premium tuition rate for out-of-state students. These costs can make out-of-state schools relatively expensive.

The New England Regional Student Program lowers tuition for learners from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont attending out-of-state schools within the region. Program participants receive an average tuition break of $8,100. Students must attend approved public schools and pursue approved programs to qualify.

Massachusetts's Cost of Living

When choosing where to earn a cybersecurity degree, students should consider cost of living. Costs like housing, transportation, food, and healthcare should factor into each student's budget, alongside tuition.

At 131.6, the cost of living index in Massachusetts climbs above the national average of 100. Living and going to school in the state may cost more than in many other areas.

Careers for 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Graduates in Massachusetts

Graduates of Massachusetts cybersecurity programs can benefit from the state's prospering job landscape. Massachusetts is a tech hub, with over 130,000 tech jobs posted in 2020, according to a 2021 CompTIA report. CompTIA also notes that over 450,000 Massachusetts residents work in tech.

US News & World Report ranks Massachusetts' economy fifth in the nation. The state ranks first for business environment, with substantial recent growth in the tech sector. Massachusetts has also recently seen more job growth than the national average.

Boston hosts several Fortune 500 companies and more than 250 information technology companies. With other major tech states nearby in the New England area, residents can also benefit from those regional resources.

Select 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Careers in Massachusetts

Computer Forensics Analyst

Computer forensics analysts investigate cyberattacks and other illegal computer activity. Employers often look for candidates with at least a bachelor's degree, but may prefer a master's. This job title falls under the wider category of information security analysts.

Average Annual Salary (February 2022): $74,730

Job Outlook in Massachusetts (2020-30): +29.1%

Security Software Developer

These developers design new security software for existing operating systems and applications. They need software development and programming skills. These professionals usually hold at least a bachelor's degree, but employers may prefer a master's. This job falls under the umbrella category of software developers.

Average Annual Salary (February 2022): $73,190

Job Outlook in Massachusetts(2020-30): +23.4%

Security Administrator

Security administrators oversee computer and network security. These professionals may manage a single organization's network or work as consultants. They ensure all applications remain secure against cyberattacks. These administrators typically need a bachelor's degree for entry-level jobs. Management positions may require a master's. This job falls under the broader category of network and computer systems administrators.

Average Annual Salary (February 2022): $67,830

Job Outlook in Massachusetts(2020-30): +2.3%

Massachusetts Employment Trends

Projected Job Growth for Computer Hardware Engineers, Computer Network Architects, and Software Developers, Applications

Year State National

Computer Hardware Engineers

2018 Employment



2028 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2018-28



Computer Network Architects

2018 Employment



2028 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2018-28



Software Developers, Applications

2018 Employment



2028 Projected Employment



Projected Job Growth, 2018-28



Source: Projections Central

Salaries for 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 and Related Careers, May 2020

Career Massachusetts Employment Massachusetts Average Annual Salary National Average Annual Wage

Computer and Information Systems Managers




Computer Hardware Engineers




Computer Network Architects



$ 119,230

Computer Network Support Specialists




Computer Programmers




Computer Systems Analysts




Information Security Analysts




Network and Computer Systems Administrators




Software Developers




Web Developers




Source: BLS OES

The tables above detail salary and job growth information for various tech careers in Massachusetts. Information technology and cybersecurity careers in the state continue to grow rapidly.

Most of the above options show projected growth at or above the national average for all careers. Graduates in Massachusetts can take advantage of above-average salaries and a growing number of available positions around the state.

英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Employers in Massachusetts

The companies below keep headquarters around Massachusetts.


Established for nearly 30 years, Nuance provides artificial intelligence services like chatbots. Its clients include healthcare, financial services, and telecom companies. Nuance employs cybersecurity professionals to ensure the highest level of protection for clients' information.


This popular Boston-based e-commerce company ships furniture and home decor to customers worldwide. Large e-commerce companies like Wayfair employ cybersecurity professionals to protect customer data and keep their online platforms safe from cyberattacks.


This e-learning platform provides cloud-based learning software in various subjects. 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 personnel at this global, Boston-based company maintain customer data integrity and protect against cyberattacks.

Professional 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Organizations in Massachusetts

The resources below can help professionals and students navigate the state's cybersecurity and tech industries.

Massachusetts Schools for Bachelor's in 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台

Prospective students may want to consider the following Massachusetts school for earning a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity. The link below discusses how we rank schools. Even with only a few programs to choose from, we use this methodology to rank programs.


Assumption College

School Information
Location Worcester, Massachusetts
Admission Rate 81%
Graduation Rate 70%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes New England Commission on Higher Education
Percent Online Enrollment 9% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

Situated in Worcester, Massachusetts, Assumption College has one of the best course offerings in the country. The bachelor's in cybersecurity program also requires general education coursework. While completing their bachelor's program, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to secure roles in their field. 

After earning general education credits, students fulfill major requirements to prepare for careers in their field. Graduates with a minor are often more competitive for positions in niche fields.

With institutional accreditation, Assumption College delivers high-quality programs to prepare learners for the workforce and further studies. Most undergraduate students complete their bachelor's program in about four years. Students with transfer credits may be able to complete the bachelor's program sooner. 

The school may award credit for internships and service-learning experiences. The institution's website provides details about how to earn credit for internships. Student organizations often host networking events to help learners develop professional connections with peers.

The school holds accreditation from the New England Commission on Higher Education.

Visit Site

Massachusetts Schools for Master's in 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台

Many cybersecurity employers look for candidates with master's degrees. Prospective graduate students can use our list to find out where to earn a master's in cybersecurity in Boston and elsewhere in Massachusetts. Though limited programs are available at this time, we have ranked them according to our methodology for ranking schools .


Brandeis University

School Information
Location Waltham, Massachusetts
Admission Rate 30%
Graduation Rate 87%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes New England Commission on Higher Education
Percent Online Enrollment 7% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

Online programs at Brandeis University prepare students for new career opportunities and advancement. 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 master's degree-seekers complete advanced courses in the field. Learners gain knowledge and skills to impress employers. The cybersecurity program delves into advanced concepts students can apply in real-world contexts.

Most graduate students need about two years to graduate. Students with transfer credits may be able to complete the master's program sooner. Online and on-campus learners can access support services. Students can access peer tutoring to excel in their classes.

Brandeis University Facts:

Total Number of Students : 5,825

Number of Master's Programs : 47

Graduate School Tuition Rate : $51,940 in-state

Average Cost With Aid : Unavailable

Brandeis University is accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education.

Visit Site

Northeastern University

School Information
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Admission Rate 18%
Graduation Rate 89%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes New England Commission on Higher Education
Percent Online Enrollment 10% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

Northeastern University is a private school in Boston, Massachusetts. Students complete high-level coursework to advance their cybersecurity knowledge. Graduate students gain knowledge and skills to impress employers. Courses build on foundational knowledge and explore topics specific to the cybersecurity field.

Master's degree-seekers typically complete their program in two years, if studying full time. Information on the acceptance of transfer credits can be found on the institution's website. Online and on-campus learners can access student support services. The institution offers peer and professional tutoring.

Northeastern University Numbers:

Total Student Enrollment : 22,207

Master's Program Count : 68

Graduate School Tuition Rate : $24,793 in-state; $24,793 out-of-state

Average Annual Price : Not Known

The school holds regional accreditation from the New England Commission on Higher Education.

Visit Site

Boston University

School Information
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Admission Rate 19%
Graduation Rate 88%
Instituation Type Private
Accreditation Yes New England Commission on Higher Education
Percent Online Enrollment 10% Percentage of all students who are enrolled online.

Based in Massachusetts, Boston University provides a comprehensive catalog of 170 master's programs. The school delivers high-quality master's programs, including a master's in cybersecurity. Master's programs help learners gain the knowledge and skills they need to impress employers. Master's-level curricula focus on advanced courses.

Most master's programs require about two years of full-time study to complete. Students with transfer credits may be able to graduate sooner. Students should check with the admissions office regarding transfer credit. Online and on-campus degree-seekers can access support services from the institution. Learners can access peer and professional tutoring.

To fund their education, 55% of the institution's learners obtain financial aid and 31% take out loans. Scholarships and grants help defray the cost of tuition and need no repayment. According to the school, 19% of graduate applicants receive admission.

The school has been accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education.

Visit Site

FAQ About 英雄联盟竞猜全球详情平台 Degrees in Massachusetts

Should I pursue my cybersecurity degree online?

It depends on your learning style. An online cybersecurity degree can offer flexibility and affordability. Many remote learners can maintain their current lifestyle while completing their coursework. Online learners need strong time management and organization skills.

Do New England cybersecurity colleges have a good reputation?

Yes. New England is home to many well-known and reputable colleges and universities. Students should research each school to learn about accreditation and reputation. All schools featured in our rankings hold accreditation.

Can I get a master's of science in cybersecurity in Massachusetts?

Yes. Massachusetts hosts several master's-level cybersecurity programs. Students at all levels may find a program that suits them at one of the state's many reputable and well-established colleges.

What jobs are available in Massachusetts for cybersecurity graduates?

Massachusetts shows strong projected growth for cybersecurity positions like computer forensics analysts and security administrators. The state is home to hundreds of tech companies and startups, with more positions opening all the time.

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